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Specialist Podiatry
and Footcare in Oxford

- for all ages!

Dedicated to keeping our patients safely on their feet!

The Oxford Foot and Ankle Centre is one of the most modern and well-equipped podiatric foot and ankle care clinics in central Oxford. We are committed to the highest standards of care and practice, using modern techniques to diagnose and treat all forms of foot and ankle pathology that can affect people of all ages.

Our clinic in central Oxford

Located in central Oxford our clinic offers state of the art diagnosis and treatments the entire range of foot and ankle related problems and if need be can refer on to a range of specialists of related pathologies. Easy to find and close to free parking, we share a building with a group of specialist healthcare practitioners all dedicated to improving the quality of life for patients.

A thoroughly modern podiatry practice offering patient-centred care led and constructed by evidence-based methods

We strive to provide high quality, best-practice patient care with a growing reputation for the innovative, caring treatment, combined with an affordable pricing structure. As a patient of the Oxford Foot and Ankle Centre you can relax knowing you are in the safe hands of a fully qualified, experienced and accredited specialist who has undergone rigorous training.

We offer treatments for all the most commonly diagnosed foot and ankle conditions such as:

  • Routine care
  • Nail surgery and nail reconstruction
  • Orthopaedic and biomechanical asssessments
  • Orthotic and insole assessment and provision by a speciaialst Othotist
  • Diabetic foot care and management of associated problems
  • Foot dermatology
  • Falls assessments, advice and interventions
  • The ageing foot wellness clinic

And we also offer integrated specialist clinical services in areas not delivered by other podiatric practices in the City of Oxford and its immediate surrounding areas which will focus on:

Biomechanics integrated with osteopathic assessments

Orthotic therapy integrated with rheumatology expertise

Falls and ageing foot wellness clinic

Health care specialists you can rely on to identify your foot problems and treat effectively

Podiatry, also known as podiatric medicine, and is an area focussing on medical issues pertaining to the lower leg, the foot and ankle.

In the UK, a degree in podiatry grants a practitioner the rights to provide prescription medications, non-invasive surgeries, and certain injectable therapies.

One of the requirements of podiatrists in the UK is the completion of 1,000 clinical hours under the supervision of an experienced podiatrist. This ensures that all podiatrists qualified and registered in the UK have received extensive training and experience in their field.

Podiatrists in the UK are regulated by The Health and Care Professionals Council and all podiatrists are required to register, in order to practice.

Meet D Thomas O'Riordan

Thomas O’Riordan graduated from the Faculty of Health Sciences and Podiatric Medicine of the University of Brighton with a First Class Honours degree in podiatric medicine.

He has worked within the National Health Service and has special interest in nail surgery, nail pathologies, dermatology, management of the diabetic foot and has for a time developed expertise in providing management for the ageing foot.

In addition, Thomas works with specialists who consult in association with the practice to provide particular care in the areas of orthotic therapy, orthopaedic rehabilitation for the foot and ankle and advice relating to rheumatology and other arthritic conditions.

Thomas is a member of the College of Podiatry and is registered with the Health Professions Council.

Meet D Thomas O Riordan