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How We Help

Specialist Healthcare

Podiatry is a specialist healthcare discipline that focusses on alleviating pain, improving mobility and posture, treating skin, bone and nail disorders in the foot, enhancing and prolonging the enjoyment of activities and even improving your sporting performance!

We use the latest techniques and equipment to provide effective assessment and diagnosis

how we help

Offering foot care treatments, including prescriptions, minor surgery and in-shoe orthotics to treat foot, ankle and lower limb musculoskeletal problems

Common foot care problems

Arthritis and diabetes sufferers

Children’s foot care and growing pains

Sports injuries and pain relief

What to expect

Once you have made an appointment you will be welcomed at our Oxford based Podiatry Clinic and seen promptly by our lead podiatrist Thomas O’Riordan.

Consultations are private but we are happy for a close friend or family member to accompany you. Your first podiatry appointment will usually last 30 to 40 minutes and in many cases we will resolve the problem or upon assessment and diagnosis, a treatment plan will be fully explained and discussed.

The assessment and diagnosis will involve a discussion about your medical history, relevant work activities, life-style, a full examination of your lower limb, relevant tests and any necessary further investigations eg, x-ray, blood tests or liaison with your GP.

Orthotics and insoles

We also offer a range of ready-made and bespoke orthotics. Orthotics are in-shoes devices to alter the way the forces which apply to the foot in weight bearing and gait (walking) apply. They can be ready-made and amended at the time of treatment, or an orthotic prescription is written by a podiatrist and typically sent off to an orthotic laboratory to be made by a specialist orthotist.