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New Patients

Our patients are partners. A first visit takes a little longer than a standard consultation so allow between 30-45 minutes – this time will include any treatment for this appointment. Please arrive 5-10 minutes early so as to complete a new patient questionnaire.

The new patient consultation includes discussing your presenting problem, taking a full medical and social history, your prescription and any other medications (please bring your GP prescription request form with you) and current treatments so as to fully profile any factors that may influence your lower limb health including – home environment, occupation, sports, recreational activities.

A comprehensive medically relevant overview will enable us appreciate your preferences, expectations and goals.

This will be followed by observations, examination and clinical assessments forming a picture of your vascular (circulation), neurological (nerve systems), musculoskeletal and biomechanical health (bones, joints, muscle, tendons and ligament interaction) and dermatological implications. Against the background of your medical history, we will provide a diagnosis and propose and discuss a treatment plan which may involve specialist treatment or, if required, a referral.