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Routine Podiatric Care

Podiatric issues can be due to a broad range of problems, but those which appear often in the surgery and which are most common may involve:

• Just nail care

• Nail pathology (in-growing nails, discoloured nails, fractured or splintered nails, fungal infections, thickened nails all of which may be problematic for self-care);

• Callus (thickened areas of skin on the foot);

• Corns (of different types on the surface of the foot and on joints or between toes);

• Dermatology, skin infections and fungal areas, Athlete’s foot, verruca (also treated surgically or by physical therapy – see below), cracked skin on the heels or elsewhere, dry skin (anhidrosis) or excessive perspiration (hyperhidrosis); skin issues (eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and other forms of skin disorder)

All of these issues are assessed as part of your general health as some problems may be symptomatic of or suggest other health issues.