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Active Feet

Throughout our adult lives, our feet face challenges on a daily basis. Whether it’s the effects of long hours standing at work, a badly fitting pair of shoes or a sports injury, active lifestyles can occasionally, and sometimes unexpectedly, cause conditions that can be treated, and symptoms that can be alleviated, by a podiatrist.

Many of the common foot and ankle conditions brought on by everyday life, or even the effects of a sporting injury can be quickly diagnosed and often rectified in one short visit, a short series of appointments or by a recommended exercise regime.

In the sporting community, otherwise healthy feet can sustain injury through overuse, weak muscle or tendon problems. A biomechanical and MSK assessment by Oxford Foot and Ankle Centre will assist in locating the origin and cause of injuries and will seek to provide interventions and treatment to prevent a worsening condition, or orthotic therapy to enable a sports person to continue their athletic activity or rehabilitate sports injuries.